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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Random picture of Satashi, feeling lonely and having only the company from her husband's coat.

Satashi is my Original Character, more from Satashi here:

Satashi's profile:

Commission info: [link]
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Disclaimer: I am giving what might initially look like a harsh critique, but it is done out of love for my fellow artists. In no way is it a personal attack on the artist or their creation, rather a push to improve and better themselves.

Vision: The classic lovers cuddling the garments of their missing half is a classic for a reason. Anyone who's been in a relationship before knows these kind of warm fuzzies. There's a couple points that don't hit -quite- dead on, however.

Originality: It -is- a classic device for missing someone. Not necessarily bad on it's own, but you have to find ways to set it apart and bump up the emotion to a piece. Also, a comment on the character design, it's not super original. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that either buy using different colors, or tweaking tiny things they can use something that's been heavily played out and have it be fresh. Sometimes, without drastically unique design differences, an anime animal girl will just fade in with the thousands on this site. If that's something you're aware of already and are cool with how things are already, then we can move. If not, perhaps you can take her back to the design board and play with her some.

Technique: Don't be scared by low stars here, art's a journey not a destination and you're still learning loads every time you make a new picture. The thing that struck me first with this picture was that at a glance I thought it was a pregnancy fetish picture. The shortness of her thighs coupled with the cloth draping over them makes it look like she's got the weirdest baby bump ever. This is pretty easily fixed by lengthening the thighs, and actually showing some more skin, by having them not as covered by the coat. Moving up to her face, her eyebrows are kind of sliding off of it, so you may want to push those closer together. The highlighting on the hair is blown out and excessive to the point of it being a smudgy white patch that doesn't communicate light. Less is more. A few bright strands go a long way to showing healthy, shiny hair. Hair strands should countour to the head more to show the shape and way her hair flows, and with her long tail-bangs (for lack of a better word) have the confidence to throw those lines down without resorting to the jaggy-scruff method. It makes it look like she's got some serious frizz and it conflicts with the nice smooth hair in back. A few split ends at the bottom are desirable, but not along the whole strand. Also, it kind of looks like a lot of forehead, but that's just a personal nit-pick I think. Her trapezius muscle that joins her neck to her shoulder is waaay built out and looks more like something I'd see on a body builder--making it thinner will look more feminine. There's some problems with her shoulder and upper arm, and I'd suggest looking at references to work out the anatomy there. No shame in using refs to learn, even the professionals of the world do. Last couple of things, if you're familiar with the color wheel at all, try shading with the opposite color set to very dark (opposite of purple is yellow, ect) as it adds more depth and interest. Look around the site to find examples you like and want to emulate. Your line are is smooooth as silk, I think you can benefit a lot from incorporating some variation in line weight which is something I'm trying to do as well with my own work. For the most part your shadows are placed well, especially that bit under her knees on the coat. Some places could benefit from a harder line in shadow to better define form, but it doesn't ruin the piece at all.

Impact: I know the title says she's lonely, but frankly it looks like she's trying to eye-fuck the shit out of me, which is a little disappointing. It changes the story from missing her husband and feeling lonely without him, to something out of Desperate Housewives--if hubby's gone, anyone will do, which of course makes her seem slutty rather than sensual. Obviously you love this character and you want others to see how amazing and wonderful she is, but that kind of gets lost when hyper sexuality is given preference over emotion. If the expression was changed to her snuggling and thinking sweet thoughts of her man, not giving a shit about who sees her, it would build some tenderness to this piece. As it is, Satashi is reduced down on par with a disposable porn star by being portrayed as little more than a sex object. Your character can be cute, dynamic, with a lot of personality, and sex appeal if you do it right. The lighting is kind of harsh to, it doesn't really suit the mood, either. Something softer, either warmer or cooler, depending how you want to show the mood, would look really nice.

Summary: Work on your anatomy first and foremost, followed by expression. You have a ton of potential, so don't give up no matter what! The stuff you did well, you accomplished very well, it's just refining what you already know to make the best images you can, so don't get overwhelmed by the amount of critique I gave. It's just stuff to be mindful of in the future, and if you ever desire to update this particular piece. If you ever need help with something, you can always ask.
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mother of all marry of all beautiful art woman i see and wrote critique this is by far the must beautiful art and kinky art anyway i got to edmit she looks beautiful the originality looks so realistic
i don't know how long it took make this art but it was worth it also i like her tail and her ear's they are so adorable if you ever make another art like this i say good luck and never give up on making wonderful art like this also good luck on other art can comics also beautiful name satashi also here's :thumbsup: for you for luck :)
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sigel4ever Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student General Artist
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Hmmm... not really a bak story here, justa general idea. ^^
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